Utterances That Fueled Recent Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

It is very sad and unfortunate when one hears and note the recent development of the deliberate attacks on immigrant Africans in their host country – South Africa.


At least five people have died in attacks on foreigners in recent weeks. Shops and foreign owned businesses has been looted with properties damaged or burnt down to ashes in the case of vehicles etc. This is however not the first time that such xenophobic attacks had taken place in South Africa.


What has ignited these recent attacks?


It is widely believed and alleged that a¬†Zulu King by the name¬†Godwill Zwelithi’s utterances on March 23rd launched this spate of xenophobic attacks.


Click play below now to watch it…


Whilst it is true that there must have been a long and an ongoing ‘under current’ feelings and tension over the perception that these foreigners are taking up jobs and opportunities meant for indigenous people, when our so called leaders or people in authority articulate such sentiments or incite violence on such proportions directly or indirectly is quite unfortunate and irresponsible.


His comments has been widely condemned by certain sections of the community but so far he has refused to apologise or indeed retract his unfortunate and inflammatory speech. His admirers and apologists claimed that his speech was misrepresented…really?


Apparently he would soon address the public and clarify the contents of what I now term his ‘infamous speech’.


I am hoping that my facebook brother and pal Kofi Anderson and his family as well as the countless ‘foreigners’ are safe and well. We all keeping you in our thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Utterances That Fueled Recent Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa”

  • Ann Abbitz says:

    We have a situation almost the same over here in the US. With the police committing supposed white on black brutality….after any stop happens and a black person gets injured or dies while in custody, there are riots that take place all over that say “Black Lives Matter” (I have a stepson who is black and he’s my world) and it doesn’t help when our president (who I did NOT vote for, either time) admonishes the police for doing their jobs. And now there is a situation where certain statues, flags, names etc are requested to get removed because it offends the blacks here in this country. It’s a part of our history, and does not cause any deaths. And they overlook the fact that their is more black-on black crime happening daily as compared to white-on-black crimes. And our president just enflames the people to protest. It’s gotten to be a very scary place here, when he claims to want to unite all the races, but his actions and words prove otherwise.

    1. Charles says:

      Ann, thanks for sharing all lives matter and ‘Black Lives Matter’ too.

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