Run Black Boy Run

BLACK Boys, today I want to share with you a video; an inspirational speech by Johnathan Hunn-Broadnax.


To be successful in whatever you do one has got to be very hungry and thirsty to be at the top of your game. This requires dedication, discipline and focusing on the goal. What are you hungry for BLACK Boy, and more importantly are you prepared to put in what it takes (the work) so you are the best you can be? The fact remains that you my BLACK Boy, needs to put in the extra effort compared to others if you are to succeed.

Now, go on and watch the video here…


Care to share what you learnt from the speech? All BLACK Boys deserve to grow up into fine BLACK Men and that journey starts with your deciding to spend your energy, time and effort on the things that matter.

Leave comments below; your viewpoint might just add to someone’s inspiration to help them take the necessary action today. Thank you.

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