3 Ghanaian Dishes to Die For!

Every person has dishes that they hold close that bring back warm memories of the past. Food that is good for the soul.


Since I am from Ghana, I thought I would share my top three favourite Ghanaian dishes that are to die for!


Fried Chicken & Rice (Ghana Style)



Every culture across the globe has their own version of chicken and rice. This dish is always pleaser with fresh local spices and tomatoes. Jollof Rice and chicken that is crispy and moist.



khebabIf you love kebabs, then you have just found a little slice of heaven in Chichinga.

Made with beef, lamb, chicken, goat, liver or sausage Chichinga is one of Ghana’s most popular street foods.

Not only is this dish an excellent source of protein, but the meats in this can be subbed for mushrooms or tofu for vegans.



Click here, for a step-by-step recipe on how you can make this deliciously filling dish at home.


Strawberry Fool

strawberry fool


This dish is what sweet dreams are made of. Strawberry Fool is one of Ghana’s most beloved desserts.


A delicate balance of fine wine, fresh cream and strawberries…you will be blown away with the simplicity of it’s exquisiteness.


Good food is a language that is shared no matter what your background, culture or even race may be.



“Breaking bread” with others has long been an expression of goodwill, friendship, love and oneness. Expand your palate and discover the deliciousness of Ghana today!

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