Want to get a good handle on raising your boy of colour right? GrowingUpRightUK gives you just the right tools and solutions to raise them from Boys to Men successfully.


This blog will address a broad spectrum of issues, from what to do before your son is even born in order to improve his chances in life. How the home is and should be the foundation of his teaching and training ground before he steps out into the unknown world.


The importance of a male figure, a good role model in his life even if you are raising him by yourself, building a strong positive self image, fostering within him a competitive spirit/attitude to be the best he can possibly be and much more.


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People have asked why the focus on raising coloured (black and brown) boys and not boys in general or indeed black girls too. The simple answer to this question is that I can be more effective based on my own experience.


It is my hope however that irrespective of who you have the responsibility of raising, you might find here something valid as well.


Why do I think I can be of help to you?




I am Charles Mensah-Torks. I was born and raised in Ghana (West Africa) and have been living in the United Kingdom for over 20 years now.


Professionally, my background is in management in the Health and Social Care fields with vast experience within the private, voluntary and local authority sectors.


More importantly though is that I am a father to three gorgeous young men 23, 15 and 13 who are a big part of my life.